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Data Analyst

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Job Description

Data Analyst

A growing start-up in the electric car space needs YOU to help source, compile and maintain data for electric vehicles.

Our Business

ZappyRide is a software start-up focused on making electric vehicles (EVs) more accessible to consumers and businesses. We work with electric utilities (PG&E, Xcel Energy, Austin Energy), automakers (Ford) and leading non-profits (Plug In America, Veloz) to make electric cars a reality.

We were early to see the EV transition, and with EVs making only a small fraction of vehicles in the US, think it’s just the beginning. As a 3-year-old startup, we have achieved product-market fit and our sales pipeline is strong. We currently have a team of 11 FTEs, mostly engineers and data analysts.

Our products focus on helping users make the right decisions around Electric Vehicles (EVs), and much of it is through calculations, such as:

  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) of a vehicle

  • Trip planning and time to charge EVs

  • Cost of charging infrastructure

  • Impact of EVs on electric bill

  • Business case for fleet electrification

We strive to be the reference source for all data required to make the transition to electric, including vehicles, incentives, chargers, electricians, rates, etc. We serve this data to our clients via our data products.

We are based in New York City, and work with clients all over the United States and Canada.

Your Role


Your Mission:
Source, compile and maintain the industry-respected source of truth for all things relating to electric vehicles. These data points include specifications for personal and commercial electric vehicles as well as all the rules and restrictions around funding for vehicle incentives, rebates and grants.


Your day-to-day:

  • Collect, interpret, validate, analyze, publish and refresh EV data including personal and commercial electric vehicles, incentives, chargers, electric rates, etc.
  • Systematize updating data ensuring it is kept accurate. E.g. Set up tracking via third party URL content tracking tools so that if vehicle pricing or incentive details change you receive an automated notification to check and update this information in our systems.
  • When and if automation is not possible, establish a set cadence, so that we can commit to our clients a concrete SLA.
  • Write “pseudo-code” articulating the logic determining whether an incentive is eligible for a vehicle, charger or broader electrification project that can guide the engineering team to code automated eligibility and incentive amount evaluation.
  • QA test engineering team code, based on your “pseudo-code” to ensure it accurately evaluates eligibility and incentive amounts.
  • Develop and improve processes and scripts for data collection
  • Respond to colleague, customer and prospect requests for data


Your Profile

The ideal candidate has:

Problem Solving

  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to think critically to address complex issues
  • Identify patterns and trends within data sets
  • Rigorous attention to detail, performing QA testing

Data Entry & Data Management

  • Values high quality of work and attention to detail; does not mind digging deep to uncover hard-to-find data
  • Has experience using basic data management tools such as Excel and Google Sheets.
  • Experience managing large datasets, checking and validating data applying rigorous attention to detail
  • Experience with SQL databases, scripting languages (Python, PHP, etc.), basic web development and web scraping, and automation is a plus.

Personal Initiative

  • Is able to structure and reliably execute a work plan with little supervision
  • Is interested in the auto industry and/or the clean energy industry, better yet has experience in either of these sectors
  • Has ambition to “make a dent in the universe” and is interested in investing time to constantly improve as a professional
  • If the reasoning behind a mandate is not clear, asks “why” so as to fully understand the problem to be solved, rather than just blindly executing.


  • Is based in the New York City area, OR anywhere in the US, willing to come to NYC 4x/year
  • Thrives in a company culture where high performance is recognized, and low performers are asked to step aside

Why Take This Job?

You will work on interesting problems in a fast-growing industry.

You will work with smart, driven people – both within our team and with clients.

You will have the ability to make the job fit with your other commitments – working remotely is OK, even encouraged.

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