IT & Engineering

Database AdministrationDatabase administration includes all actions that a database administrator performs to ensure that a database is always available.
DevOps EngineeringDevOps engineering involves helping software developers, system operators, and other staff collaborate and enable the rapid deployment of products.
Information SecurityInformation security focuses on preventing unauthorized access, use, or destruction of information for an organization.
Network AdministrationNetwork administration is the process of maintaining an organization’s networking infrastructure.
Network SecurityNetwork security covers the policies, technologies, and practices an organization uses to monitor the misuse of a computer network.
Solutions ArchitectureSolution architecture involves defining and describing the architecture of a system in terms of a discrete business operation or activity.
System AdministrationSystem administration is the management of IT infrastructure, hardware, and software systems.
Systems ArchitectureSystems architecture is the process of designing models that define the structure and behavior of a system.
Systems ComplianceSystems compliance ensures that computer systems comply with legal requirements and minimize harm to consumers due to violations of law
Systems EngineeringSystems engineering is concerned with designing and managing complex systems over their entire lifecycle.

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