Fair Contract!

In our platform, Candidates can upload their resume, our model classifies it to avoid BIAS. Our assessment is based on the Candidate skills and experience. Then we match the profiles with the companies jobs offers without considering discriminatory aspects.

Although we’ve seen some improvements in the last years, technology is still a man’s world. According to Women in Tech statistics 2019, only 1 out of 4 jobs is held by women in the IT industry.

Core Values!


The candidates selection process occurs avoiding BIAS.


All recruitment processes are clear and follow our core values.


Focus on people first to achieve better results.


Candidates are chosen based only on their skills and experience.

Popular Categories!

Data Science & Analytics

This list contains specializations within Data Science & Analytics.

IT & Engineering

This list contains specializations within IT & Engineering.

Web, Mobile & Software Development

This list contains specializations within Web, Mobile & Software Development.

Sales & Marketing

This list contains specializations within Sales & Marketing.